Awarding ceremony to appreciate the dedicated services rendered by all categories of health workers in all health institution throughout the year 2018

Best Performing Public Health Inspector Category











Best Performing Public Health Midwife Category



Providing the best practice in quality safety & centered care  – Preliminary care unit of Base hospital Panadura


Corparate Social Responsibility –  Base hospital Horana



Best Performance in Patient care delivery category -District Hospital Bandaragam

Best Performance in MCH services   provisions  category – MOH Office  Millaniya


Best Performance in Disease surveillance  category – MOH Office  Horana                                                                                                   

Best Performance in Food hygiene  practices  category -MOH Office  Mathugama


Best Performance in Health education &  promotion  category    -MOH Office  Palindanuwara









Best practice in office management category -MOH Office  Bulathsinhala



Best performances in patient care  category – Divisional Hospital B Galpatha









Best performances in Drugs   management  & Patient care category  – Central Dispensary Horawala



Best hospital dental unit  category Dental unit – Divisional hospital  Bulathsinhala










Recognition of valuable contribution   made to uplift the quality health services  provision of the district – RMSD



Recognition of valuable contribution made to uplift the  quality health services provision of the district- NCD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       









Recognition of valuable contribution made to uplift the quality health  services provision of the district BME


Best performance in drugs management  category  –  District Hospital Meegahathenna