District Hospital Meegahathanna

Meegahathanne is a small town situated in a rural area in Kalutara district of Western Province. It is situated about 80 kilometers southwest of Colombo in the Walallawita Divisional Secretariat area.

The majority of the population of the area comprises of farmers, tea and rubber small holders and plantation workers.

Meegahathanne is situated in the heart of wet zone with about 2500 mm average annual rainfall. The area has less polluted environment with scenic beauty. Climate is humid throughout the year.

Meegahathenna District Hospital  was started on 22nd of January 1958 as a rural hospital. Today it is a hospital that serves a large geographical area in the district. Most of these areas are villages which have limited access to medical care.

Meegahathanne District Hospital  is one of the two district hospitals in Walallawita Divisional Secretariat. The total population catered by the hospital is 42,555.

The hospital is situated in a serene background in Meegahathenna town with easy access from a Matugama – Pelawaththa main road.

The hospital comprises of the following sections.

  • Male Ward
  • Female Ward
  • Pediatric ward
  • Maternity ward
  • Emergency Treatment Unit
  • Ward for the Clergy
  • Out Patients Department
  • Clinics
  • New Hospital Administration Building – Not completed
  • Rehabilitation center
  • Laboratory

The services delivered by the hospital can be categorized roughly as follows:

Curative Services

Patient Care

  1. Inward
  2. Out ward (OPD) – Week days – 8.00am to 12.00pm and 2.00pm to 4.00 pm

Saturday  –  8.00am to 12.00pm

Sunday &Public Holydays  8.00am to 10.00am


  • Medical – Every Friday – 8.00am to 12.00pm & 2.00pm to 4.00pm
  • Psychiatric – 1st Wednesday & 2nd ,4th Thursday &4th Monday 8.00am to 12.00pm
  • Antenatal – 1st &3rd  Tuesday –  8.00am to 2.00pm
  • Well Baby – 1st & 3rd Tuesday – 8.00am  to 2.00pm
  • Family Planning  – Every Tuesday – 8.00am to 12.00pm
  • Dental – Every week days – 8.00am to 12.00pm & 2.00pm to 4.00pm
  • every Saturday for school children 8.00am to 12.00pm
  • Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) – Every Thursday 8.00am to 12.00pm
  • Well woman – Every Tuesday – 8.00am to 12.00pm


  • Health Education
  • Dengue Control
  • Screening for Non Communicable Diseases


Rehabilitation and councelling

  • Rehabilitation center for psychiatric patient was commenced on 02.2016
  • Attend 10 patients
  • Day care for 8am


  • make envelops for medicine
  • material for oil lamps
  • daily exercises
  • entertainments’


referral from OPD , ANC , Medical clinics and other institutions

Welfare  activities

  • Use of Art as Therapy
  • Religious Activities
  • Organizing cultural activities for the people of the area – Guru Taruwa
  • Social Work
  • Trips





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