Basic Facts


The Kalutara district is situated in Western Province of Sri Lanka. It has a population of  1,236,000 distributed  in  land area of  1,  The population density is 760 per sq km.  Kalutara District is bounded by Colombo district from North ,  Galle district from South and Rathnapura district from Eastern.  Western boundary of Kalutara district lies on the West coast of Sri Lanka , with a coastline of approximately 32km.  One major river of Sri Lanka , namely Kalu Ganga  flows across the district.

The average temperature ranged between 24c -30c . The annual average rain fall to Kalutara is 3260mm,with bulk of the rain falling during South-west and north east monsoons. The lowest annual rain fall 1600mm reported in the coastal region of the district and highest 4280mm reported towards the inner boarder indicating heterogeneity among division. Heavy rain fall may give rise to floods especially around the basin of the Kalu Ganga.

Political and Administrative Structure


Under the 13 th amendment of the constitution of Sri Lanka ,devolution was carried out vesting most of the powers to the provincial councils.In Western province,the Health Services Statute  No :8 of the year 2000 was  introduced  to  provide  for  the establishment of a Department of Health services and to provide for the proper continuance of the essential for promotion and preservation for health of the of  this province and to provide for all matters connected and incidental there to.

The  Governor  of  a  province  represents the president of the country . Chief Minister who is politically  appointed takes decisions  with  the  board  of  Ministers  in consultation with the governor. Minister of Health the Western province executive officer in the Ministry of Health,holding responsibility to ensure that the provisions of the statute are implemented .In instances where there is no Minister or an Acting Minister ,the secretary may exercise the power of Minister under the statute on the advice of the Governor.

Provincial Director of health  Services  is the head of  the provincial Department of health services and shall function under the supervision and direction of the secretary .Under him are the three Regional Directors  of  Health Services for the  three  districts namely Colombo,  Gampaha and Kalutara  who  shall  be  responsible to the Provincial Director  of  Health Services for the provision of health services in their  respective districts The Head of Institutions,namely Medical Superintendents,District Medical officers,Medical officer in Charge,Medical officers of Health and Registered Medical officers function under the their respective Regional Director of Health Services.