Maternal and child health services unit is the focal point of maternal and child health services in Kalutara RDHS area. It is under the technical guidance of Family Health Bureau and under the administrative authority of RDHS Kalutara.

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) unit involve in planning, coordinating, training ,monitoring and evaluation of maternal health, child nutrition, family planning, school, adolescent and youth health, pre-conceptional care and well women care.

Components of MCH services

Maternal care

Family planning

New born care

Child Nutrition

School and Adolescent care

Pre conceptional and well women care

Incorporation of adolescent health activities in implementation plans of district and moh offices.
Conduct quarterly reviews at district level to share best practices pertaining to adolescent health.
Develop skills of health and education officers on adolescent health and life skills.
Establish counselling and incorporate services of other government and private sectors to provide services including carrier guidance.
Improve quality and coverage of school medical inspection.
Provide adequate facilities for BMI assessment and necessary interventions at each field clinic.
Conduct programs for adolescents on stress management, reproductive health and life skills.
Implementation and supervision of healthy canteen policy in schools.
Conduct programs to strengthen parental knowledge on the needs of adolescents and parenting skills.
Promote research on adolescent health.