Oral health Services in the preventive Sector mainly provided through,

School Dental clinics

Adolescent Dental Clinics

Community Dental Clinics

The Oral Health Care for school children is provided by the School Dental Therapists (SDT) in School Dental Clinics (SDC) and Dental Surgeons working Adolescent Dental Clinics (ADC)with a discernible preventive component.The school Dental Clinics are located in the school premises providing oral heath care to children between 3-13 yeras.ADCs are manned by dental surgeons catering to childern above 13 years of age and complicated cases referred by SDTs.Community dental clinics are located in highly populated metropolitan areas and dental surgeons working in these clinic concentrate on providing preventive care for all age groups in population.

No.of Dental Clinics – 24

No.of SchoolDental Clinics – 19

No.of Dental Surgeons Clinics – 30

No.of SchoolDental Therapists – 18

 Major Programmes

Oral Health Care programme for antenatal mothers (pregnant mothers)

Oral Health Care programme for under 5 year children(pre school children)

Oral Health Care programme for school children of year 01,year 04, year 07

Oral Health Care programme for adolescents (specially year 10 students)

Save Molar Programme ( sealing pits and fissures of molar teeth of school children)

Oral cancer and Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders prevention programme

Health promotional programme for the estate sector ( screening of estate workers for OPMD)

.HLC Programme

Training and review programmes

Oral health promotion programme

Programmes for the national oral health day and oral health promotional month

Oral health promotional programmes for estate workers

Repair of all school dental clinics

Repair of hospital and adolescent dental clinics on priority basis

Construct oral health exhibition materials