”The Mission of the Planning Unit is continuous improvement of the planning and management of the health system at the district level, in order to achieve and sustain the highest possible health status of the people according to district needs and priorities based on the National health policy”


−    Establishing and maintaining district health systems for information to support and maintain information flow to feeder association.

−   Asses the present state of health of the district in terms of health problems, epidemiological patterns and trends; available service provisions and quality of care; people’s access and utilization of services;and effects of current interventions on health status of the people with future projections for the district.

−   Provide guidance to design strategies and programmes for addressing problems, issues and deficiencies that impede service delivery, aiming at reaching the desired health status of the people with future projections for the district.

−   Identify managerial problems together with proper human resources management that affect efficiency and effectiveness of programmes and analyse them in terms of deficiencies, causes and associated factors.

−  Determine the health scenario desired in keeping with the people’s aspirations, professional assessment, resource availability  and technological advances.

−  Training personnel in human planning and management at district level .

−   Undertake and promote health system research strategy designs and innovative approaches to health development at district level.

−  Be responsible for the development of the comprehensive plan for the year with the guidance of DPO of MDPU of the Ministry of the Health & Provincial Planning Unit.