Tuberculosis Control programme 

The National Tuberculosis  Control Programme (NTP) is responsible for the tuberculosis control activities of the entire country while the district Chest Clinic Kalutara is the nodal point for tuberculosis control activities in Kalutara district. It is under the administration of Regional Director of Health Services Kalutara. The district Tuberculosis Control Officer (DTCO) is responsible for carrying out turberculosis control activities in district.

Anti Filarisis Control programme

Anti Filarisis Unit response for control of filarisis. The unit implement activities introduce by National programme and inter coordinate with NIHS and other stake holder.

Filaria is endemic in coastal area of the district where Beruwala,Panadura ana  Kalutara MOH areas where located. Although there has been a significant reduction of the potential of the disease since intiation of control programmes by anti filarial campaign (AFC),It is not effective enough to clear the disease from community. The introduction of mass Drug Administration (MDA)in 2002 formed a landmark in the direction of eliminating the disease from 2002 to 2005 four rounds of MDA programmes conducted using the drug Diethycarbamazine (DCE)and Albendazole. The entire district was successfully covered under those treatment rounds.


Rabies Control programme

In kalutara district human dog population ratio is 8:1. Rabies control programme is implementing under the guidance of national Rabies campaings and collaborate with local goverment bodies.Main activities of the unit are.

Dog vaccination

Dog Sterilization programme (perment/temporary)

post exposure vaccine

STD Control Programme

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Clinic administratively comes under the Regional Director of Health Services Kalutara. It is responsible for prevention of transmission of sexually transmitted infection including HIV and provision of care and support for those infected and affected with sexually transmitted  infections including HIV.


Health Education Programme

Health Education unit is the focal point of conducted health education and health promotion programme in Kalutara area. It is under the technical guidance of Health Education Bureau and Administrative authority of RDHS Kalutara.

Health Promotive Activities

1. Health Promotive village established

2. Health Promotive pre – school established

3. Health Promotive school established

4. Training of the trainers for village leaders, pre school teachers and school health club members

5. Health Promotive food handlers trained